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Feature Airtime
Biz Tips w/Sylvia Gerke 7:44A Mon-Fri
Business Minute 6:44A Mon-Fri
Business Bootcamp 8:56A, 1:31P, 6:20P, 10:20P Mon.-Fri
Bruce Williams 8:24A Mon-Fri
Career Clinic 7:54A Mon.-Fri
Farmer’s Almanac 5:35A, 8:44A, 6:51P, 11:21P Mon-Fri
FightBack 8:14A, 3:31P, 7:31P Mon-Fri
Lou Dobbs Financial Report 6:14A, 9:51A, 5:21P Mon-Fri
MBA Reports Random All days
National Geographics 10:31A, 5:55P Mon-Fri
NCCCC Report 8:26A Tuesdays
Profile America Random All days
Quick Point (Cascade Policy) 8:24A, 12:31P, 6:21P Tuesdays
Ray Lucia’s Money Clips 6:24A, 2:31P, 8:31P Mon-Fri
Sammye Sanborn Realty 8:24A, 12:31P, 6:21P Thursdays
Take Two 6:54A Mon-Fri
WallStreet Wake Up 7:14A Mon-Fri

Lou Dobbs Financial Report

Lou Dobbs is the anchor and managing editor of CNN's Lou Dobbs Tonight. Dobbs also anchors KBNP nationally syndicated financial news radio report, The Lou Dobbs Financial Report (6:14 AM, 9:51 AM, and 5:21 PM) in addition to writing a weekly commentary on
Dobbs has won nearly every major award for television journalism. In 2005, the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences awarded Dobbs the Emmy for Lifetime Achievement. The previous year, the National Television Academy awarded Lou Dobbs Tonight an Emmy Award for "Exporting America." He received the George Foster Peabody Award for his coverage of the 1987 stock market crash. In 1990, he was given the Luminary Award by the Business Journalism Review for his "visionary work, which changed the landscape of business journalism in the 1980s."

Ray Lucia Money Clips
Ray’s Buckets of Money strategies are boiled down to daily money management practices.
Learn how Ray Lucia's Buckets of Money® strategy can potentially help you retire in comfort and safety. Thousands of retirees and pre-retirees nationwide have used Ray's approach to investment planning with the goal of ensuring that they don't run out or money before they run out of time. His daily feature (6:24 AM 2:31 PM, and 8:31 PM) can outline the useful practices to start filling your buckets. "Bucketize" your portfolio with Ray Lucia's Buckets of Money® online planner!

Biz Minute
A daily update of the latest business and financial news from across the country and around the world. Biz Minute airs at 6:44 AM every weekday morning on The MONEY STATION.

Take Two
David Weiss follows trends in business and personal lifestyles, because afterall—all work and no play make Jack—and Jill—very dull people. Take Two (6:54 AM Weekdays) helps guide you and your family toward a better life.

Wall Street Wake Up
Chris Byron takes his personal tour into the canyon’s of Wall Street and presents his commentary along with the ticker number every weekday (7:14 AM), so you have a glimpse of how the Markets are treating your investments.

Sylvia Gercke
From the Portland offices of the U.S. Small Business Administration, Sylvia Gercke interviews leading business owners and entrepreneurs on the how-to of doing good business. Weekdays 7:44 AM.

Fightback with David Horowitz
Since 1972—Fightback! Has provided information and raised awareness to help consumers help themselves in the Marketplace. Fightback! Acts as a conduit for consumer problem solving and redress. David Horowitz and Fightback! Assist in the legislative process through proposals for new consumer protection laws where they are needed.
(Weekdays 8:14 AM, 3:31 PM, and 7:31 PM)

Career Clinic
"Find the job you love and you’ll never work another day in your life” is the sage advice everyone should heed. Career Clinic outlines the step of climbing the corporate ladder without stepping on your toes—or someone else’s. Inspiration and practical advice to help you find work you love (Weekdays 7:54 AM ).

Quick Point
Promoting policy alternatives that foster individual liberty, personal responsibility and economic opportunity in Oregon is what Cascade Policy Institute—an Oregon-based Think Tank is all about. Quick Point is the weekly commentary that presents the issues facing Oregonians, and often offers a solution to those concerns. (Wednesdays 8:24 AM, 12:31 PM and 6:21 PM)

Bruce Williams’ Travel Tips
From what to see and do when you travel, to insights and money saving tips when, where and how your travel from America’s foremost talk show host—Bruce Williams. Weekdays 8:24 AM.

Business Bootcamp
Instant messages and meetings in the office. Fred Fishkin’s Boot Camp, is a definitive report on today's technology. Talk to any teenager...and you'll find out that the preferred method of communication for them these either instant messaging through a computer...or text messaging through a cell phone. America Online...where a lot of those teens are IM-ing, has launched AIM Business Services. And what’s ahead on the technological drafting boards? Find out weekdays on KBNP at 8:56 AM, 1:31 PM, 6:20 PM and 10:20 PM.

National Geographic Today
Listeners are treated to the interviews from top experts in science, nature, adventure and exploration, as well as authentic life experiences with those who lived them. Weekdays 10:31AM and 5:55PM.

North Clackamas County Chamber of Commerce
Tuesdays at 8:26 AM, learn what’s happening in Oregon’s leading growth communities from the North Clackamas County Chamber of Commerce. New businesses, infrastructure changes, county ordinances and growth boundary issues are topics you be informed of. 

Old Farmers’ Almanac
The Old Farmer's Almanac Radio Report delivers helpful weather information, country folklore, gardening secrets, great tasting recipes and more. Snippets of history, myth and legends, and the helpful tips you’ll find not only interesting, but useful. (Weekdays 5:35 AM, 8:44 AM, 6:51 PM, and 11:21PM)

Profile America
From the U.S. Census Bureau's demographic and economic data, these daily subject areas are intended to commemorate anniversaries or observances or to provide background information for topics in the news. Informative and entertaining, Profile America airs randomly throughout the day here on The MONEY STATION.

Sanborn RE/MAX RMLS Action Report
Sammye Sanborn is a leading Portland broker with RE/MAX Equity Group. Each Thursday (8:24 AM, 12:31 PM, and 6:21 PM) Sammye reports the latest RMLS Residential Real Estate Market Action Report. Whether looking to buy or sell a home, relocate, or adjust the property portion of your financial portfolio this weekly update has information you will want to know.