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Max's Adult Rock & Roll is the definitive Classic Rock format with proven appeal to Baby Boomers 35-49. There is nothing like it - no station positioned as "The Rock and Roll Station" is heard in Mendocino and LakeCounties. So Max will be keeping the original target audience and becoming the preferred alternative for many younger listeners. This is possible because many heritage artists like Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Neil Young, Rolling Stones, Eagles, Eric Clapton, Robert Plant and Jimmy Page and many others continue to release great music and are among the top touring artists of the world.

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Mailing Address: 1100 Hastings Road Suite B Ukiah, CA 95482

Business Office Phone Number 707.462.4389

Request / Studio Line 888-711-ROCK (7625)


Live, local and relevant to the Lake and Mendocino Counties lifestyle.



MAX plays highly popular music that was not previously available on the air in Mendocino and Lake Counties.

So many people who were not radio listeners now have become highly loyal to MAX’s big name classic and adult rock repertoire. Many of these fans were just not reachable by advertisers before. About 60% can be expected to be men. And because there are so many songs in MAX’s library, the station gets tuned in for long hours in many business and work places. The sound is Music Intensive with few interruptions so MAX can deliver voiced commercial announcements with effectiveness and impact. Broadcasting from the highest peak in the area at 6,000 feet, MAX reaches a huge geographic service area and captures a highly mobile audience. As sister station to K-Wine, MAX shares the local most professional marketing and creative staff available to help advertisers develop effective and efficient campaigns to move products and services.

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Air Staff

Max 93.5 Jocks

AM Drive
(3am – 7am) M-F
Robbie Knight I'm a lifetime NRA member and I donate to Greenpeace. The way I grew up, that's not contradictory. Dad was a game warden. I was an avid backpacker and mountain biker for years, but I'm a SPAZ and I've got lots of injuries so now I car camp. I take care of myself and I enjoy Chinese exercises like Qigong (Taekwondo got me hurt, Ju Jitzu hurt even more). I hate jam bands (except for the old school ones). Allman Brothers, "yes”, String Cheese, "no”. My Mom raised me on classical music (mostly the Germans) and she knew everything about the great composers, so I got hooked on reading rock trivia. Rock and roll saves teen lives, it sure did that for me.

(7am – 1pm)
McKenzie Rae McKenzie is easy to hang out with, which helps explain how she’s met legends like Ozzy, Dio, George Thorogood, Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Kip Winger, Heart, Tommy Shaw and even Mr. T...You can catch McKenzie during the midday. She looks forward to the music and taking your calls. Don’t let the hot ‘girl next door’ look fool ya, she’s really a mouse that roars! [Just ask anyone at the radio station!] She looks forward to a Mt. Dew every morning and donuts on Fridays. After entertaining on air, she's off to spend the rest of the day with the love of her life, her daughter Samantha and all of her exotic critters. If she has any spare time left, she’s out spending money and looking for her new Mr. Right.

PM Drive
(1pm – 5pm )
Tony Scott Whoever your favorite rock star is you can bet that Tony Scott has interviewed them, met them or done both. Those are some of the perks of a lifetime in rock and roll for a guy who makes being a DJ sound effortless. When Tony isn’t working the phones on the air or giving away a ridiculously huge grand prize, you’ll often find him at the concert by the artist that he played earlier that day. Tony’s passions include raising champion Golden Retrievers. He's also an admitted Broncomaniac who continues to put his doctorate in mixology to good use at tailgate parties. When it's time to unwind Tony heads for the slopes where he still believes he missed his calling as an Olympic downhill skier...oh well...we all still dream of what might have been !!

(5pm-10pm )

Lu Valentino When Lu Valentino isn’t making new fans on the radio, chances are she is pampering her two tiny Yorkshire Terriers, LuVee and Cherish. She’d be a crazy cat lady too, if she weren’t allergic. When you meet Lu you’ll realize she’s a hot, tough East Coast chick (mob wife, not The Ramones). Because she’s lonely and single, Lu spends inordinate amounts of time on social networks (The Lu Valentino Show on Facebook and @LuValentino on Twitter). Her extensive background in comedy and improv has helped her make some famous friends and enemies. It’s just one of the things that makes her something totally different in the evening. Check out What a Mouth every Friday night too, as Lu is joined by comedienne Jill Bryan (who just happens to be Jimmy Kimmel’s sister). Get to know Lu on Facebook at "The Lu Valentino Show” and on Twitter: @LuValentino.


(10pm – 3am )
Tom Fry If you knew a never married, childless man with two cats, you might be inclined to make some assumptions. But Tom Fry defies every stereotype. He’s a native Detroit rocker and sports fanatic hell bent on squeezing every last ounce of freedom out of adulthood. Tom graduated from Indiana University which explains his Hoosier basketball passion. When he’s not jamming on his Fender Telecaster he’s planted in front of a flat screen watching the Lions, Tigers or Pistons. You might enjoy hanging out with Tom and now you can, late nights on the station. Just leave a few cold ones in his fridge before you go.

(10pm- 3am)

Dave Caprita

(3am-7am )
(3am-7pm )

Shark grew up on rock in Phoenix. He loves riding his Harley motorcycles and playing hockey with is eighteen-year-old son. Often, you’ll find him around town playing and singing with his blues band. Shark has written over 400 pieces on rock history and would someday like to write a rock ‘n’ roll family tree book.

7am -1pm

Chris Ryan was born and raised in Gilmer, Texas. I love rock music and have ever since I can remember. I’ll watch any sport on TV. I’ve been working in rock radio since 1990, which doesn’t seem that long ago, but my math says it is. My favorite bands include: Alice In Chains, Ozzy, Metallica, Guns N' Roses, Kings of Leon, Disturbed and many, many more

1pm -5pm

Tom Collins


Fendrich is the Program Director of KMKX, a job he has held since 2001. Fendrich grew up in the Pacific Northwest, went to the University of Oregon, pulled on air stints at rock stations like KZEL, KGON, Earth 105 and launched Alternative KNRK in ’95. He also programmed 106.3 The Shore in Atlantic City and WLRS in Louisville. He jogs, performs dangerous stunts with his children, and avoids unnecessary home repair.