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KNTX is your local radio station, focusing on Montague County. We deliver regional coverage to North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. KNTX is ready to invite our large and loyal audience to purchase your products and services. Join our fine family of advertisers as so many other top businesses have.

KNTX has North Texas covered and now, through our streaming audio on the internet, we are gaining more loyal listeners throughout the area (and world).

Call Pam Henderson, 940-902-5577, or email her at to find out how you can get your advertisement on Oldies Radio 1410 KNTX and/or on our website.

Many packages and plans are available to fit your budget and needs.

Trade Fair

Businesses wishing to advertise on Trade Fair may call Pam Henderson, KNTX Sales Manager, for rates.

Contact Pam at 940-872-2288 or 940-902-5577, or by e-mail at

-One call or e-mail per day
-A maximum of three (3) items per call or e-mail
-No firearms for sale (you may call to BUY firearms)
-No real estate or mobile homes for sale or rent (you may call looking to BUY or looking to RENT these items)
-No hay, eggs, fruit, vegetables or other produce for sale. (you may GIVE these items away or BUY them on the program)
-No firewood for sale (you may GIVE away or BUY firewood)
-No advertising of services, such as lawn mowing or other yard work, babysitting, carpentry, handyman or other services.
-No seeking of employment or looking for odd jobs.
-No pets for sale if you are in the BUSINESS of selling animals . No breeding services sought or offered will be allowed on Trade Fair. **Re-homing of pets w/small adoption fee from individuals is allowed.

TRADE FAIR Monday - Friday from 9:05 - 9:55 a.m.

Buy-Swap-Sell-Give Away

Call: 940-872-2288 or 940-872-2289


Wendy Hill, Host