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Monday 4am to Saturday 5am (Mountain Time)

KOTA AIR TIME          PROGRAM                                                           

4a-5a                                       America in the Morning                                          

5a-10a                                     KOTA Morning News & Information     

10a-1p                                     Rush Limbaugh                                                      

1p-4p                                       Sean Hannity  Show                                

4p-6p                                       KOTA Afternoon News & Information  

6p-9p                                       The Thom Hartmann Program                

9p-11p                                     Dr Joy Browne Show                                              

11p-3a                                     Coast to Coast AM                                  

3a-4a M-Saturday                    The Wall Street Journal This Morning     

4a-5a Saturday                         Doug Stephan Good Day Talk Countdown             


Saturday 5am to Sunday 5am (Mountain Time)

KOTA AIR TIME                      PROGRAM                                                            

5a-7a                                       Doug Stephan Good Day-Health w/Dr. Ken            

7a-8a                                       KOTA Morning News/Saturday                              

8a-9a                                       1380 KOTA Marketplace-Buy /Sell/Trade              

9a-10a                                     CBS Weekend Roundup                                          

10a-1p                                     The Roger Hedgecock Show                   

1p-4p                                       Kim Komando Computer Show                              

4p-6p                                       Under The Hood Show w/Motor Medics

6p-8p                                       Intelligent Medicine w/ Dr Ronald Hoffman            

8p-9p                                       Staying Young Radio Show                     

9p-11p                                     The Conspiracy Show                                             

11p-3a                                     Coast to Coast AM                                  

3a-5a                                       The Big E Sports Show/YAHOO Sports  


Sunday 5am to Monday 4am (Mountain Time)

KOTA AIR TIME        PROGRAM                                                             

5a-8a                                       Best of Dr Joy Browne                                            

8a-8:30a                                  News/WX/Sports                                                    

8:30a-9:30a                             Trinity Lutheran Church Service                             

9:30a-10a                                Varied programming                                                   

10a-12n                                   The Garden Rebel                                   

12n-2p                                     The C.A.R. Show                                                    

2p-4p                                       The Money Pit Home Improvement Show              

4p-6p                                       The Dr. Bob Martin Show                                       

6p-7p                                       CBS Weekend Roundup                                          

7p-11p                                     Tony D Show/YAHOO Sports Radio      

11p-3a                                     Coast to Coast AM                                  

3a-4a                                       The Wall Street Journal This Morning     


Listen for the latest with CBS News at the "top-of-the-hour” every hour and 20 scheduled LOCAL news reports and updates each weekday.


The Morning and Afternoon News give you News, Weather & Sports every 30-minutes plus business news and a variety of feature shows on health, home and life.


 *This schedule is subject to change without notice. Programming may vary by season. All programming is subject to preemption for sports or special news events. Much of our programming and local sports play-by-play are available via the Internet.                                                                                                                         effective 8/1/2014


The fall sports broadcast schedule will be available here soon.