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KZOR is an accurate source for local and national news and information. KZOR broadcasts 11 local news casts daily. News Director, Dawn Morgan, works closely with local authorities to keep listeners updated.


KZOR is a locally based station serving Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas from it's primary transmitter at 94.1 FM. KZOR delivers 100,000 watts of FM stereo 24 hours a day from our tower located 432 feet above average terrain. This enables the station to deliver a superior signal within a 100 mile radius.


Because of our strong signal, wide coverage area and cost per spot, KZOR is the best buy in Southeastern New Mexico and West Texas. KZOR improves the potential of your work place by helping you get better job applicants through radio recruitment advertising. Radio reaches people everyday, going to and from work and at home before and after work. Contact the KZOR sales staff for more information.


KZOR went on the air in 1975. Since then, it has maintained consistency with its ownership, management and format, whichhas been a major factor in the station's success over the years. The station programs adult contemporary music targeted at adults from 25 through 54 years of age. KZOR has consistently ranked high in the Arbitron ratings.


Jason Adams

Air Shift: KZOR 6 AM – 10 AM
KZOR JamZone Friday & Saturday 10 PM – 1 AM
KIXN 7 PM - Midnight

Place of Birth:
Hilo, Hawaii

Hobbies: Music, reading, going to concerts, watching football and doing sportscasts.

How did you come to work in radio? Started as a hobby, became a passion.
I started as a white guy playing black music on a Spanish station and 10 years later I’m still here in the biz and still doing hip-hop on the weekends.

Life’s Philosophy and/or favorite expression: Keep your life philosophy adaptable.

Gary Sevier

Air Shift: KZOR 10 AM – 2 PM / KIXN 2 PM – 7 PM

Place of Birth: Hobbs, NM

Hobbies: Gardening and computers

How did you come to work in radio?
A friend was moving away and recommended me for the job at the radio station.

Life’s Philosophy and/or favorite expression:

7 pm - Midnight


Dawn Morgan

Air Shift: KIXN 10 AM – 2 PM
KZOR 2 PM – 7 PM

Place of Birth: A Hospital Operating Room

Hobbies: Answering questionnaires (and exercising my imagination.)

How did you come to work in radio?
I lost the National Talent Search contest. The "American DeeJay” judge from England said I have a face that’s perfect for radio.

Life’s Philosophy and/or favorite expression: The truth is highly overrated.


T.J. Miracle

Air Shift:
KIXN 6 AM - 9 AM Mon - Friday
KIXN Red Dirt Roads 9 PM - Midnight Saturday
KZOR Weekend/Swing

Place of Birth: Kermit, TX

Hobbies: Golf, reading, sleeping and baseball.

How did you come to work in radio?
By Accident!!!! I was in the grocery store in my hometown, Big Springs, TX, after school and working one evening. A friend of mine who was the program director of KBST at the time happened to be there also and asked if I could help him out by working nights for a while. Less than a month later I was music director and PD about 6 months later. The rest is now history. 10 years later and a favor for a friend it turned into a career.

Life’s Philosophy and/or favorite expression:
My philosophy is pretty simple, "Do the best you can everyday to make the world a little better place.” As the staff at the station would tell you, my favorite expression is probably "It ain’t rocket science!”.



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  • 619 N. Turner
  • Hobbs
  • New Mexico
  • 88240

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Request Line: KZOR - (575) 397-4941