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HJ ProVoice is the combination of two talented radio personalities brought together by faith, with both individuals having expertise in the fields of commercial and non-commercial radio and together possessing over 30 years of broadcasting experience " it seemed only right that we use our God given talent” to provide a service to Northeastern South Dakota and surrounding communities with a state of the art production facility in which any organization, program, facility or tribal entity can utilize to get their public service announcement, advertisement or voice over audio done with professionalism and expertise. Along with recording, writing and editing we also take pride in our sound system sales and installation our latest work was done with the Dakota Connection Casino and Tiospa Zina Tribal School public address systems in which we’ve received a grade A - review,

Also don’t forget our ever popular Internet Broadcasting site "The REZZ" Broadcasting 7 days a week 24 hours 365..W/ Native American music, Native American News 3 x daily, sports and some Kickass Rock!! Ha-ha>> .

Update!! We are now proud to announce that over the past year we've added two local cable company's to our broadcast line up so our audio broadcast can not only be heard around the world but locally in over 3500 homes across Northeast SD, -Cool Rite??

On cable companies Venture Communications Channel 990 and RC technologies channel 10.

We’ve also would like to say thank you to all of those of you across America and overseas who have logged on and are listened in!!

Thanks to our friends in – Tennessee- Pennsylvania, Brookings SD, Alaska, Wyoming , Washington DC, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, New York, Arizona, The United Kingdom, Egypt, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Ireland, Hawaii, India, France, and Canada!!.

And a special thanks to our Native American Akicita -(Warrior's in Sioux) who have E-mailed us from across sea's we hope and pray that our Native American music and rock does make u feel closer to home and the ones you love!! PIDA MI YE DO - (thank you in Sioux)

We look forward to continuing to serve you to the best of our ability with this unique opportunity called technology.

4 now, (HJ)

"A space age Indian”:)



Listed below is our daily broadcast schedule on

"The Rezz"

Tune and listen to what going on around Indian country everyday with National Native News which is aired 3 times a day M-F.

6am, 12pm and 6pm!!

Current Audio Broadcast schedule:

Monday thru Friday

6-7 Am - NATIONAL NATIVE NEWS-Native American

7-12 Pm – Rock


1-6 Pm – Rock


7-12 AM Am – Rock


6-12pm - Rock

12-12 am Rock


6- 7 Am – Native Americanflute music

7am-10:30 am– Contemporary Christian Music

10:30A-12:00 PM Family Life Assembly of God Worship "Live"

12pm -1pm- Contemporary Christian

1-12 AM- Rock

Overnights - Rock

All schedules are tentative and can change without any given notice!!

Any program changes will be posted on our web site!! -