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WCFX Station Profile
WCFX is adapting, exploring, innovating, investing and responding to a changing world. While the internet, mobile phones, MP3 players and other technologies has created new choices for consumers, WCFX continues to maintain its status as a favored choice for adult contemporary hits, other entertainment and information in central Michigan.
What's On

Wake up each morning with the CFXBreakfast Flakes hosted by 33-year local broadcast veteran Kent Bergstrom, a fun, friendly and entertaining member of WCFX.  You'll get the perfect blend of music, entertainment and information including 20/20 news updates, local weather every 10 minutes with CFX What-to-Wear-Weather, school closings and plenty of fun and games. Clint James, a top entertainer, follows with 30-minute all-hit powerplays from 10am-2pm, shining star Angie Evans plays Today's Best Music all afternoon from 2pm into the evening show with Joe Walters , who plays Today's Best Music from 6pm-9pm.  Mike Daniels rounds out the cast from 9pm, thru the late nights!
The most important part of our programming is the music. It's researched and updated to make sure we provide our listeners with the songs they want to hear. News and information is very important to our listeners, too. WCFX partners with The Morning Sun to bring you news in a timely and accurate manner.
Who's Listening

Our audience stretches over eight mid-Michigan counties. The typical listener is between 20 and 40 years of age and is 65% female. The average age is 32 years old. These listeners are active with growing families and have a proven desire for all of the products and services to provide for their families. 
What We Do

We do much more than play music and inform. For years, WCFX has been involved heavily with the business and civic communities. While businesses look to us to deliver an effective message to their prospective customers, non-profit organizations come to us for support and to inform listeners of the many events that take place within our area.