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About EQX

WEQX is a radio station in Manchester, VT. We are completely independently owned and operated, always have been, always will be. Since November 14th, 1984, we’d like to think we’ve been making the airwaves a better place. We broadcast from a little old Victorian house in historic Manchester Center, and send our sounds out to parts of four states (VT, NY, MA and NH) from a 50,000 watt transmitter on the top of Mt. Equinox (yes, really, you can drive/hike up there and see it if you want, the view is incredible!). This station exists out of a love for music, a love for radio, and the commitment to always giving our listeners the best of the best. We want you to fall in love with new music with us, come out and have fun with us when we bring bands through town, and just ya know, enjoy the tunes with us, maaaan. Thank you for listening, without you we’d just be a bunch of weirdos sitting in an old house listening to music, which would still be fun, but we like it better with you. We are The Real Alternative, pumping out the jams from the top of a mountain into your ears for nearly 30 years.

Thanks to Brooks Brown for creating one hell of a radio station!