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Mornings W/ John Glenn 5:00am - 8:30am
Twin Lakes Sunrise Weekdays @ 6:30am
Fox News 6:30am
Fox Sports 6:32am
WMTL Weather 6:34am
AG Market Report 6:35am
Field & Farm Report 6:38am
Accent Agriculture 6:41am
Across Kentucky 6:45am
KNN Sports 6:48am
Keys To Confident Living 6:52am
Focus On The Family 6:54am
Daily Money Makeover 6:56am
Inside Motorsports 6:58am
Fox News 7:00am
WMTL News 7:02am
Obits 7:07am
Fox Sports 7:08am
WMTL Weather 7:10am
Fox News 8:00am
WMTL News 8:02am
Obits 8:07am
Fox Sports 8:08am
WMTL Weather 8:10am
Tradio 8:30am
Mid-Days W/ Jen Brown 9:00am - 1:00pm
Fox News 9:00am
Fox News 10:00am
Fox News 11:00am
Fox News 12:00pm
WMTL News 12:02pm
Obits 12:07pm
Fox Sports 12:08pm
WMTL Weather 12:10pm
The Dave Ramsey Show 1:00pm
Afternoons W/ Norm Roberts 4:00pm - 7:00pm
Fox News 4:00pm
WMTL News 4:02pm
Obits 4:07pm
Fox Sports 4:08pm
WMTL Weather 4:10pm
Fox News 5:00pm
WMTL News 5:02pm
Obits 5:07pm
Fox Sports 5:08pm
WMTL Weather 5:10pm
Weekend Programming  
Kentucky Focus (Public Affairs) Saturday @ 6:30am


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