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CRNC is the campus radio station for Niagara College. Located at the Welland Campus on Woodlawn Road, in Welland. During the regular academic terms students produce and broadcast regular news updates, special events coverage, music and specialty programs. Students are also in charge of the day-to-day operations of the station, from programming and promotions to music and sales.


9:00 AM 

10:00 AM 

11:00 AM 

11:30 AM 
Take One Movie Reviews

12:00 PM 
Mad Mike's Smile Time Variety
The Weekly Rewind
1:00 PM 
The Dumpster Fire

2:00 PM 
DB's Dynamite Hour

2:30 PM 

3:00 PM 

3:30 PM 

Talk Up
4:00 PM 

4:30 PM 
The Waiver Wire

5:00 PM 
The Saturday Sports Buffet

6:00 PM 

Sports Talk
7:00 PM 

What are the Chances
8:00 PM 
Fish FM
Fish FM
9:00 PM 

Just Roasted
10:00 PM 

3rd and 10
10:30 PM 

AjL Sports Debate Show
11:00 PM