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6:00am-7:00am-The Rick Joyner Experience (SGN Mon-Fri 60 min)
7:00am-7:30am-Roloff Evangelistic Ministries with Brother Lester Roloff (Mon-Fri 30 min)
8:00am-Available (Mon-Fri. 30 min)
8:30am-Transformed Lives with Pastor Priscellious Burress (Mon-Fri 15 min)
8:45am-Light Of The World with Bishop Ruth Smith Holmes (Mon-Fri. 15 min)
9:00am-The Prophet’s Touch with Pastor Sheldon Pritchard (Monday only 15 min)
9:00am-Available (Tuesday & Friday only 30 min)

9:00am-The Prophetic Hour with Prophetess Melissa Bernard (30 min Wednesday only)

9:00am-Prentiss and Katie Sutton Foundation (Thursday only 30 min)
9:15am-LaFrench Murphy (Monday only 15 min)
9:30am-One Step Of Faith with Nancy Reese Hall (Monday only 15 min)
9:30am-Available (Tues., Wed, Thurs & Fri. only 30 min)
9:30am-Clarion Call with Jonathan Simmons (30 min Wed only)
9:30am-In The Word with Pastor Mario Stephens (Thursday only 30 min)
9:45am-Israel Temple CME with Pastor Roderick Freeman (Monday only 15 min)
10:00am-The Reggie Gay Gospel Show (2hrs Mon-Fri.)
12:00pm-Word Up Radio with Tyrone "The Don” Davis Monday-Friday 2 hrs.)
2:00pm-Unlocking Money Secrets with Dianne Jennings (Mon-Thurs. 60 min)

2:00pm-Mr. Terry Hair & Wellness Show (1st & 4th Friday 60 min)
3:00pm-Lunchtime Fun with Dr. Kam & The Crew (Tuesday only 60 min)
4:00pm-Afternoon Drive Time Traffic Jam with Kevin Buchannon Mon-Fri. 2 hrs.)
6:00pm-MBodyment Radio (Tues only 60 min)
6:00pm-Thrive Now with Tracey Powell (Wed. only 30 min)
6:00pm-Health Talk with Dr. Diane MD (Thurs. only 60 min)
6:30pm-Let The Voices Be Heard with T. Foster (Wed. only 30 min)
6:00pm-The Real with Rachel D”( Friday only 60 min)
6:00pm-Real Talk Sports with Jonathan Simmons (Monday only 60 min)
7:00pm-Available (Tuesday-Friday only 60 min)
9:00pm-Available (Monday-Friday 60 min)
10:00pm-Sheridan Gospel Network



6:00am-Sheridan Gospel Network (60 min)
7:00am-Mitch Faulkner’s Ride Out Nation Radio Show (2 hrs)
9:00am-Available (Sat. only 30 min)
9:30am-Black College Football Weekly with Ty Miller (30 min)
10:00am-100 Yards of Football with Ron Kibler & Vincent Turner (90 minutes)
11:30am-Narrow Way Broadcast with Evangelist Knox Johnson (15 min)
11:45am-Israel Temple CME with Pastor Roderick Freeman (15 min)
12:00pm-Available 1st, 3rd & 4th (30 min)
12:00pm-Victory Cathedral with Supt. Larry Ford Sr. (30 min) Every second Saturday
12:30pm-Pamela Boyd Ministries (30 min) Every 1st Saturday
12:30pm-Living With Lupus (30 min) Every 4th Saturday
1:30pm-A Culinary Life with Chef Sara Ray (30 min)
2:00pm-Caribbean Affairs Connection with Lady D (60 min)
3:00pm-Blues In The Afternoon with Dr. Love (2 hrs.)
5:00pm-African Voice with Tony Igbere (60 min)
6:00pm-Voices Of Dissent with Douglas Hanson (60 min)
7:00pm-The Retro 80’s R&B Blast with Al B. Love! (2 hrs.)
10:00pm-Sheridan Gospel Network



6:00am-Sheridan Gospel Network (60 min)
7:00am-Notes of Inspiration with Samantha Cardwell (60 min)
8:00am-Sheridan Gospel Network (30 min)
8:30am-Prentiss and Katie Sutton Foundation (30 min)
9:00am-Greater Mt.Carmel Baptist/Pastor Timothy Flemming (30 min)
9:30am-Sean Edward In Your Ear (90 min)
11:00am-Sheridan Gospel Network (60 min)
12:00pm-Soulful Sunday’s, A Place Called Soulsville with Tigner Rand  (60 min)
1:00pm-M&M Live Radio with Meesa & Meah (60 min)
2:00pm-Answer In Focus/Pastor Darryl Miller & First Lady Vivian Miller (15 min)
2:15pm-Sheridan Gospel Network (15 min)
2:30pm-Soul Delicious Grill & Buffet Live Remote with Darrell Kelly (60 min)

3:30pm-Greater Faith Family Ministries with Joe Lee & LaTanya Crawford (30 min)
4:00pm-Faith Walk with Minister John Culbreth (15 min)

4:15pm-Darryl Peek (60 min)
5:15pm-Highway To Heaven with Kevin Buchannon (60 min)
6:00pm-The Kay Thompson Show (60 min)
7:00pm-UA7 Gospel with Mike D
8:00pm-Transformation Christian Church with Pastor Priscellious Burress (15 min)
8:15pm-LaFrench Murphy (15 min)
8:30pm-Coming From The Word Of God with Pastor Willie Walker (30 min)
9:00pm-Roloff Evangelistic Ministries with Brother Lester Roloff (30 min)




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